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Do Hops or Hop Dropz contain CBD & THC ? - NO 

Even though Hops, Hemp and Cannabis come from the same branch of the Cannabaceae plant family Hops do not produce Cannabinoids.


Will Hop Drops make me “high” ? - NO

Hop Dropz Terpenes might effect you mentally and physically but they do not create a THC high..

Hop Dropz Terpenes could enhance the effects of THC & other Cannabinoids.


Are Hop Dropz Products legal in my state and around the world? - YES

Hop Dropz Terpenes are the same Terpenes that are used to brew beer. Hop Terpenes have been consumed and used medicinally by humans for over 900 Years!


Will I fail a drug test if I use Hop Dropz products? - NO

Hops and Hop Dropz products do not contain Cannabinoids.


How to consume Hop Dropz for Maximum Benefits 

When consuming Hop Dropz it’s important to note that everybody’s body is different. You might not notice any effects or benefits from Hop Terpenes. Or you might even have an exact opposite effect or negative reaction.

Please proceed with the suggested use and monitor your reactions. Understand which Hop Dropz Products & Hop Terpene compounds do or do not work for you. Use your monitoring data as your personal scientific guide for ordering and dosing decisions.

Please review all the Hop Terpene information on our Hopdropz.com website and take time to visit the 3rd party scientific Terpene information links on our website or just Google Teprenes. This vital information will help you understand which Hop Terpenes could produce the best benefits for you and your lifestyle.

For maximum benefits Hop Dropz should be Orally Ingested. Depending on your physiology it could take 30 to 120 minutes for effect or benefit onset. Oral Ingestion will allow effects to last for 1 to 6 hours. Oral ingestion can be by Chewing or by swallowing the tablets whole if you are sensitive to the taste. 

For quicker effects and benefit Hop Dropz can be consumed Sublingually. Sublingual consumption could take 10 to 20 minutes for onset and effects could last 1 to 2 hours.

Terpenes are among the fastest growing areas of interest in Cannabis and Hemp products. 

Our Hop Dropz Terpenes do not contain THC or any other Cannabinoids.

Please note that our Hop Dropz Terpenes could enhance the effects and or the effectiveness of THC, Cannabis and Hemp products.

Also note: Hop Dropz Terpenes could work on their own without THC or other Cannabinoids.

Hop Dropz Terpenes could eliminate or greatly reduce the need for THC consumption thus reducing or eliminating the psychoactive high associated with most THC medicinal treatments.      

Your best bet for Terpene-rich Benefits and Experiences are our 100% Natural Hop Dropz products.


How are Hop Dropz Terpenes Extracted from Hops

We use low temperature Supercritical CO2 systems to extract our hop oils.

CO2 Extraction uses pressurized carbon dioxide to “pull” naturally occurring phytocompounds (including terpenes) from raw hop plant material.

This Extraction method is better at preserving terpenes, or flavors, of the plant making the finished product more desirable. CO2 extraction is also much better for the environment. In the end, Hop oils Extracted with CO2 have a higher purity and quality and there are no residual solvents left behind.


What do you mean by “Full Spectrum”?

Full Spectrum means our Hop Dropz Terpenes are plant produced and not altered in any way.

Please visit our Terpene Isolate Effects page for detailed information.


What kind of testing is done on Hop Dropz products?

Our Hop Dropz Terpenes are tracible to the ground where they are grown.

Hops are a USDA regulated crop so our raw materials (hops) meet or exceed all USDA standards.

Hops are also classified by the FDA as Generally Regarded as Safe / GRAS for human consumption.

Hop Terpenes are tested at harvest in August and September by an independent laboratories.

We test our Hop Dropz Terpene again when we extract the oils using low temperature C02 extraction.


Are all Terpenes produced by plants? YES & NO

There are thousands of plants that produce Terpenes. The Terpene Isolate (Myrcene) from Hops is the same as (Myrcene) sourced from Mangos.

Terpenes extracted from plants are all pure full spectrum. Simply put, Terpene Isolates are produced by separation and isolation. These Isolates can then be formulated with other Isolates to produce a desired smell, taste or effect.  

Terpenes can also be synthetically produced. Synthetic Terpenes are produced by chemically altering a plant produced Terpene. Synthetic Terpenes can also be produced using petrol chemical compounds.


Are there any additional fees that I should know about before I check out?

No. What you see is what you get!










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$2 Discount Per container!

Use INTRO code in discount line at checkout.

Thanks for trying Hop Dropz!

Please share your Hop Dropz experience by posting a review.

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